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Podcast Project 2024

Free podcast course

How would you like to learn how to present and make podcasts?

We’re offering 12 Kirklees residents aged 18-35 the chance to take part in our FREE podcast training programme with Kirklees Local TV.

You will then help to create one of six 15-minute podcasts, which will be released and promoted at the next award-winning HuddLitFest (11-28 April).

Why take part?

Podcasting has become a powerful platform to connect with audiences, share knowledge, and build communities around our passions. It allows you to express your unique voice, reach a global audience, and make a lasting impact. Whether you’re a budding storyteller, an expert in your field, or someone who loves to share their thoughts and ideas, our course is designed to help you navigate the exciting world of podcasting.

What will you learn?

You will learn the essential aspects of podcasting in manageable steps, with practical tips, expert advice, and real-life examples to help you complete a 15-minute podcast, including:

  • Exploring different podcast formats, writing a podcast brief
  • Brainstorming ideas, crafting compelling content
  • Conducting podcast interviews, learning how to engage listeners
  • Learning about equipment and software options, and how to record and edit a podcast

As well as practical skills, the course will help you develop teamwork and communication skills, help you to feel part of your community and the local arts scene, and allow you to see your work presented as part of an award-winning Festival.

You will need to attend two training sessions at the KLTV studios, Media Centre, Huddersfield*:

Session 1: 10am-12.30pm – choose from either Saturday 17 February or Saturday 24 February.

Session 2: 10am-12.30pm – choose from either Saturday 2 March or Saturday 9 March.

What should I do next?

If you would like to find out more, fill out an application form and we will contact you before the end of January: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HLF-KLTV-PodcastProject


*If you aren’t available for training on Saturdays but would like to take part, contact [email protected]