01484 951108 office@huddlitfest.org.uk

01484 951108 office@huddlitfest.org.uk

01484 951108 office@huddlitfest.org.uk

Doctor Who fans had the time of their lives at a special Preview event for Huddersfield Literature Festival (HFL2019) held on 12 February 2019, when they came face to face with a Dalek, and a Tardis materialised in Huddersfield Library.

They had the opportunity to take selfies with a life-sized cut-out of the 13th Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, who is from Huddersfield, and snack on jelly babies and jammie dodgers – both of which have featured in the popular programme. Some audience members dressed up as Doctors from the past and there was even a signed copy of a new novel by former Doctor Who actor Tom Baker to be won.

Audience members were encouraged to share their favourite memories of Doctor Who, and host Rosie Garland read out one of her poems relating to the Festival theme of ‘Memory’. Professor of Media and Film at the University of Huddersfield and local fandom expert, Matt Hills, presented 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Doctor Who.    

As part of the event, Festival Director Michelle Hodgson presented an overview of the Festival guest authors, who will include Alan Johnson, Anne Cleeves, Darren Henley, Janet Ellis, Joanne Harris, Johnny Ball, Kit de Waal, Mike Gayle, Nikesh Shukla and Owen O’Neill, and the events on offer, including free family events, a Literary Afternoon Tea, comedy performers, writing workshops, performance poetry, LGBTQ+ events, a Cosplay Ball, a Wellbeing Weekend and Events Around Autism.

The Festival is both accessible and inclusive with several free events, Stagetext subtitling at selected events and Access Guides to venues.

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