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By Jonni Gittins

Polari. Bona. Gelt, glossies and drag.  These are just a few terms that stemmed from the 1960’s gay slang movement.  Since homosexual couples and acts weren’t legal in the UK until 1967 the use of slang and communication was essential to the LGBT movement.  Ironically, even the term SWAG was originally a 1960’s acronym standing for Secretly We Are Gay.  Strange how times have changed now.

Fortunately, Paul Burston, a journalist and author of critically acclaimed novels such as Shameless (2001), Star People (2006), Lovers & Losers (2007) and The Gay Divorcee (2009), has created a monthly salon night based at the South Bank Centre otherwise known as – Polari. The night sees an array of established poets, performers, authors and artists all deeply integrated within the LGBT movement coming together to give educated, historical and alternative approaches towards gay rights.

Running for a solid seven years, with its own Polari First Book Prize awards, having recently been named one of the best LGBT events of the year by Art Info and winning LGBT Cultural Event of 2013 from the Co-operative Respect ‘Loved by You’ awards, the famous Polari night is coming up north for the first time in its history.

Paul will be bringing some well-known friends with him including Mari Hannah, a crime writer who created lesbian detective Kate Daniels, and won the Polari Book Prize Award in 2013 for her book The Murder Wall. VG Lee, author of lesbian fiction novels The Woman in Beige and The Comedienne, also dabbling in stand-up comedy. Keith Jarrett, a gay slam poet most known for his ‘A Gay Poem’, soon to be publishing his first novel and working on a music collaboration. And finally, Adam Lowe, a fantastic author, poet, playwright and critic (is there anything he can’t do?). In 2013 he was LGBT History Month Poet Laureate and Manchester Pride’s Writer in Residence. Having won 10 awards for his writings with a massive repertoire to choose from he is sure to be a good watch.

So come down at 7:45pm for a night of fantastic discussion, interesting debates and a variety of opinions.  You’d be dizzy to miss it.

For more information about the night itself please visit:


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