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  • Covid – guidelines 

    Please see our guidelines regarding Covid and our Festival. Please note that we will continually monitor the impact of Covid and may be required to make amends to our guidelines and programme as a result.


    We will cancel or postpone an event if:

    1. The author/performer is either ill or unable to travel (eg due to train cancellations) and cannot deliver the event virtually
    2. The venue has been closed (eg school, University) and another suitable venue cannot be found at short notice.
    3. Direction from the authorities is that events of the kind we run are not to go ahead.


    If a performer is ill, we will endeavour to reschedule the event; failing this we will cancel the event.

    If a performer is unable to travel, we will endeavour to run the event virtually or reschedule the event; failing this we will cancel the event.

    If an event is postponed or cancelled due to the performer being ill or unable to travel, we won’t seek compensation from the performer or their agent for Festival financial outlay on non-refundable travel tickets, hotel rooms, marketing etc; however, we will not pay performer fees for events that do not take place for any of the reasons listed above.

    Audience refunds

    If an event with paid-for tickets is cancelled, we will issue refunds, however, if it is postponed, we won’t issue any refunds until a new date is set, at which point we will offer refunds to anyone who cannot make the new date. If an event is going ahead, we regret that we are unable to issue refunds for audience members who are unable to attend for any reason.

    General policies and advice

    Contact – We would ask all performers, audiences and volunteers to follow official advice to:

    PLEASE NOTE: our policies are not intended to provide comprehensive medical advice – please consult official guidance for this.

    In the event that Covid is of serious concern within the population:

    Food and drink – to limit contact we will not serve any buffet-style finger food at our events. Where alternatives are required, we will serve individually packaged food.

    Money – where possible, we will recommend that purchases such as books are paid for with contactless cards. Where cash is used, eg paying for a ticket on the door, we will ask that audiences place cash directly into a box provided rather than handing to our volunteers.

    Signings and selfies – we will ask audiences to keep a respectful distance from authors/performers during performances and at book signings. To reduce audience/performer contact, we will ask audiences not to shake hands or otherwise have close contact with performers and to respect any decision not to allow selfies with performers (audience members may still take pictures from a reasonable distance).

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